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HVPS-300 high voltage power supply


  • Pockels cell drivers


  • bipolar output
  • 24VDC input
  • output voltage - up to 4kV (+/-2kV)
  • high output power - up to 300W
  • output voltage accuracy - better than 0.5%

Download user manual (3.3Mb)

HVPS-300 is a specialized HV power supply with bipolar output. This means the output connector has three pins – Ground, HV positive and HV negative. Potentials of HV positive and HV negative are always equidistant from the Ground potential. In other words, 4kV output voltage is produced by generation of +2kV at HV positive pin and -2kV at HV negative pin.

Due to bipolar output and high stability of HV output, the target application of HVPS-300 is feeding high voltage high repetition rate Pockels cell drivers commonly used in laser industry.

Module’s input is 24VDC. Module’s output is DC high voltage (modification up to 4kV are available by default, higher voltages are discussable). Maximal output power exceeds 300W.

Power supply is forced-air cooled with an embedded fan.

By default, all interfaces are analogue. Digital interfaces are available on request.


Download user manual (3.3Mb)