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QBX-08 - Arbitrary waveform Pockels cell driver


  • Electro-optics (light modulation, beam deflection, beam steering)
  • Piezo actuators, MEMS actuators
  • Ultrasonic devices


  • Arbitrary waveform
  • High voltage - up to 800 V (1600 V on request)
  • High frequency - over 50 kHz at full voltage and 60 pF, up to 1 MHz at smaller voltages and loads
  • Fast transitions - <1 μs (full slope)

Download user manual (0.5MB)

QBX-08 is a dedicated Pockels cell driver designed for applications, where output voltage should be continuously adjustable.

The module requires +24 V DC power supply and waveform generator to set an operating voltage and signal form. The driver is based on a voltage amplifier, maximal output voltage is 800 V (other voltage values both smaller and higher, up to 1600 V, are available on request). A low-voltage input analog signal (0-8 V) with an arbitrary waveform is amplified with 100:1 factor and delivered to a Pockels cell.

QBX-08 contains a fan for active cooling. Driver can be supplied in built-in and encased versions.


Power input
24 V DC, 1.5 A
Analog signal 0-8 V
Input impedance
50 Ohm


Output type
High voltage signal repeats the shape of low voltage input signal
Output polarity
Positive (other on request)
Output voltage
0-800 V (100:1 amplification)
Repetition rate
Up to 1 MHz (at smaller loads and voltages).
Also limited as fMAX * C * U2 = 2W, for example:
~50 kHz @ 800 V and 60 pF
~130 kHz @ 500 V and 60 pF
Rise time (fall time)
< 1 us (full slope)
Delay time
< 1 us

Load requirements and cooling:

Load type
Capacitive (other on request)
Load capacitance
< 60 pF (other on request)
Forced-air with an integrated fan


Operation temperature
+10 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
206x85x45 mm
0.6 kg
Both PCB and enclosed versions are available:

20200508_143028 - QBX.png
20200508_143042_crop - QBX.png


Download user manual (0.5MB)