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Electronics for pulse-picking applications

HVSW-03 high voltage switch

High voltage high repetition rate Pockels cell driver:

  • Output voltage up to 2000 V
  • Repetition rate up to 1 MHz @ 1500 V
  • Risetime/falltime - 5-7 ns (depends on load capacitance)
  • Embedded DC high voltage power supply
  • Conductive cooling through the bottom surface

Applications: pulse picking, pulse slicing, regenerative amplifier control

PP-CONTROL synchronization board

Precisely synchronizes up to two Pockels cell drivers to the seed oscillator optical pulse train:

  • 1x optical synchro input
  • 1x electrical synchro input
  • 2x independent synchro outputs
  • over 1000 ns adjustable delay in each channel
  • +/- 250 ps jitter
  • USB, RS-485 interfaces

PP-KIT developer kit

PP-KIT includes:

  • One PP-CONTROL synchronization board
  • One or two HVSW-03 high voltage switches
  • PC software
  • Auxiliary power supplies, interconnective cables etc.